SAME/SAME the series

Travel and art are a wonderful duo. By experiencing and absorbing different cultures and surroundings you grow both as a person and as a photographer. Walking through a city, learning about its history, tradition, and specific customs, or hiking in nature, breathing in the fresh mountain air, listening to birds’ chirp – we gain and live the experience, and all that reflects into our perception of the world and us in the world. All these unique experiences and reflections have one thing in common for me – they are all Same/Same.

Same/Same is a project that developed out of the wish to point out how what we see as differences might actually be similarities in many respects, and we might be more similar to one another than one would think at the first.

Ever since the Europeans colonized the world, the dominant global culture has been European. You read this text in a European language and Europeans dominate fashion, lifestyle, and architecture.

The beautiful Hagia Sophia, as unique as it is, still resembles many other cathedrals and mosques in its structure and indoor decoration. Or the flats in Belgrade that look similar to flats in London or Milano. How about parks and recreational areas? The differences do exist, but so do similarities, and if we zoom in a bit more, take a peek from another angle, or extract certain details, in the end, they could all be Same/Same.

See it for yourself. Challenge your perspective.

Can you spot the similarities?