Faith factories the series

Temples, synagogues, mosques, museums, monasteries, cathedrals, places of worship, holy houses, faith factories. Although they appear in different shapes and styles, these often beautiful and mesmerizing places have one thing in common. They are all sanctuaries of faith, museums of a religion, portals to our spiritual world. 

Growing up in a non-religious family, while at the same time being surrounded by friends and relatives of a different religious background, I got introduced to various religions, and this gripping world of faith captured my interest. Therefore my motivation to visit places of worship wherever I go. 

But religion is just one aspect of faith. We could ask ourselves then what is faith? Well, faith is a very personal thing; each person has something they believe in. We all have our own personal God we pray to and our own holy places we visit to boost up our spiritual world, whether that means you are praying to Allah five times a day in the mosque, admiring Henri Matisse in a museum or going to church on Sundays.

Different, yet essentially the same. We are all born innocent, like a white canvas waiting to be painted with colors of knowledge and experience, which eventually makes each one of us a unique piece of art. But unique as we are, we are connected on so many levels and faith in its broadest sense is one of the things that connect us and define us.

We all strive for better and we all hope for it and in that hope we are all united, we all act as one. 

What is your faith of choice?