For as long as I remember, I have been exploring the world through the lens all my life, playing with composition and creating my own signature expression. 

My fascination with architecture and nature got translated into a passionate drive to explore new cities and landscapes, accompanied by my faithful Nikon DSLR. 

In addition to photography, I started working with screen printing, a passion that complements my photographic practice. ‘Yugoslav Icons’ marks the spot as my first screenprint series, exhibited at Kalemegdan Amsterdam.

While living in three European capitals – Belgrade, Lisbon & Amsterdam – and traveling as much as possible, my eye caught what I saw as the essence of my favorite architectural structures, cities and places. A street, church, mosque or a mountain top – there is beauty in each object if you observe it from the right perspective. Close-ups or wide shots, eclectic & provocative elements and textures that crave to capture the attention of the spectator. 

The Devil is in the details.